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The FFII e.V. is a public benefit charity under German law. It relies on your financial donations and volunteering to sustain the promotion of free information infrastructures. The public benefit status means donations are tax deductible in Germany. This may also apply to donors from other EU member states according to a recent ruling of the European Court of Justice. Please contact the treasurer if you would like to receive a donation receipt.

See also how to transfer your Membership fee.

German Account

For wiring donations internationally:

 IBAN:          DE78701500000031112097
 Country:       Germany
 Name:          FFII e.V.
 Address:       Blutenburgstr 17, DE 80636 Muenchen
 Subject:       Donation 
 Bank name:     Stadtsparkasse Muenchen
 Bank address:  Lothstr 1, DE 80335 Muenchen

German donors simply use the account number:

Konto:              31112097 FFII e.V.
Bankleitzahl:       70150000 Stadtsparkasse M√ľnchen


UK donors can also donate to the FFII.UK.

Account     65188365
Bank Code   089299
Name        FFII UK
Keyword     FFII e.V

For international donors, the extra details are:

IBAN         GB87CPBK08929965188365
BIC          CPBKGB22
Country      United Kingdon
Bank name    Co-operative Bank
Bank address PO Box 250, Skelmersdale WN8 6WT



Paypal charges us 3.75% banking fees. Please take this into account.


If you have any other questions regarding our donatio, please write to our office.

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