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This page created on: 15 October, 2008

Antonis Christofides announced the following to all FFII members on 6 November:

Dear FFII member,

you can find the agenda for the upcoming General Assembly of the FFII
at More information about the
assembly is at

Antonis Christofides
Election Commissioner

President Alberto Barrionuevo announced the following to all FFII members:

Dear FFII member,

After a hard year the time for elections and big decisions has come.

The 2008 General Assembly will take place in Brussels on 6-7 December as was  
decided by the board on 2 August. During that meeting, and as suggested by 
the 2007 General Assembly, the board also considered Munich as a possible 

This is a good opportunity to make your voice heard, to meet our fellow 
activists from all over Europe, and to drive FFII where you think it should 
go to.

If you come to the General Assembly, you may also want to participate on 
8 December, when a new EUPACO patent conference in Brussels will be held at no 
cost for the FFII members. Please check the website for registration and 
other details at:

Both events will be hold at:

 "De Markten"
 Oude Graanmarkt 5
 1000 Brussel 

If you have any proposals that you wish the General Assembly to address, 
please send them before 6 November to:

Note that candidacies for the board or other positions can be presented 
at any time. Indeed, I encourage you to participate by presenting your 
candidacy and, specially, exercising your voting right.

More details about the meeting will be presented shortly.

See you in Brussels!
Alberto Barrionuevo
President FFII

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