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Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure e.V.

The FFII is a global network of associations dedicated to information and education about free and competitive software markets, genuine open standards and patent systems with lesser barriers to competition. The FFII's contributions to educate the public about patents and consumer protection enabled the rejection of the EU software patent directive by the European Parliament. CNET awarded the FFII the Outstanding contribution to software development prize for this charitable work and benefit for the public. The FFII continues to protect consumers and defend your right to a free and competitive software market and information freedom by developing education materials, conducting analysis reports and organizing events.

OpenTechSummit, May 14th 2015, Berlin

OpenTechSummit 2015

Together with Linuxtag e.V. and Förderverein Freie Netzwerke the FFII co-organizes the OpenTechSummit 2015 in Berlin.

The FFII curates the track “Internet, Society and Patents”. The track covers policy topics ranging from patents, copyright, net neutrality, privacy issues, digital culture and Internet policies.

Other Topics range from open hardware, free knowledge, software development and community networks. In the evening there will be an “OpenTech-Himmelfahrt” social event.


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How to help us

The FFII is funded partly from individual membership fees, and partly from donations from individuals and larger donors from industry and civil society. Your donations and other contributions help us to make a difference.

If you want to get involved in the FFII, subscribe to our thematic mailing lists, or look at the Home areas of action.

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