ACTA procedural tricks alert

Update: no one made a request to postpone the vote on ACTA. The debate will be on Tuesday 15.00, the roll call vote (a bit after) Wednesday 12.30

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According to a tweet (in Dutch) from Member of the European Parliament, Judith Sargentini, proponents of ACTA, fearing to lose the vote, may try to postpone the vote. She writes the Greens are preparing to counter procedural tricks.

She also writes her mailbox is filling up with emails against ACTA, and “don’t worry I will vote against”. Indeed, it is a good idea to target mails, see

Update: “Act-on-Acta ‏@Act_on_Acta
Greens/EFA MEPs will be present on Monday 17h00 to uphold that the debate and vote on ‪#ACTA‬ proceeds as announced

Update: “Jérémie Zimmermann ‏@jerezim
Apparently, EU Commission contacts individual EPP Members to convince them to get to postpone final #ACTA vote..”

Update: “Marietje Schaake ‏@MarietjeD66 Is common practice, we are aware and will try to stop it“@FFII: Updated RT @Vrijschrift: #ACTA procedural tricks alert”

Update: EDRi ‏@EDRi_org “@moltke @glynmoody MEPs just need to be at plenary tomorrow. S/D & Greens are both having grp meeting just before, so the numbers *seem* ok”

3 thoughts on “ACTA procedural tricks alert

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  2. “It is common practise” – ahe! De Gucht and his backers should resign. No more dirty business. Parliament has to be a beacon of light, not a mud hole.

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