ACTA rapporteur will recommend EU Parliament to reject ACTA

Today the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats, the European Parliament’s second biggest group, held a meeting on ACTA.

At the end of the meeting David Martin, the Parliament’s rapporteur on ACTA said his job as rapporteur is to balance hopes and fears and to make his recommendation on voting for or against ACTA. He said that the Commission says ACTA doesn’t change European law. Then what benefits would we get? Only cooperation with 3rd countries. He thinks there is inadequate separation of commercial and personal use. In the end, he said, he thinks that the hopes do not balance the fears and his recommendation will be to reject ACTA.

So, after the ITRE draft opinion on ACTA, the draft final report on ACTA will recommend rejection as well. Note that another 3 committees will formulate opinions, and that Members of the committees can propose amendments. After that, the Parliament’s plenary session will vote on ACTA, possibly in the beginning of June. See the Parliament’s Procedure file.

S&D group leader Swoboda said he will recommend his group to reject ACTA. In the Parliament, the Liberals (ALDE), who often have a swing vote, and the Conservatives (EPP), the Parliament’s biggest group, did not formulate opinions. Many EPP Members are believed to be pro ACTA.