Commissioner Malmström delays revocation of EU data retention directive

Brussels, April 18th – Today the European Commission adopted an evaluation report of the data retention directive. EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström presented the report at a Brussels press conference.

“Cecilia Malmström artificially delays an overdue revocation of the data retention directive and only presents an evaluation report instead”, comments FFII network expert Stephan Uhlmann.

Transposition of the directive has been uneven, controversial and the differences between the legislations adopted by Member States create irritations. Malmström admitted the directive does not guarantee that data is stored, retrieved and used in full compliance with the right to privacy and protection of personal data, and this has led courts to annul the legislation transposing the Directive in some Member States.

“Member states are unable to transpose the directive properly. The European Parliament has to be invoked. Cecilia Malmström gives us the runaround and holds the democratic legislator at bay”, comments André Rebentisch from the FFII.

Following the “evaluation” the Commission would now “review the current data retention rules, in consultation with the police and the judiciary, industry, data protection authorities, and civil society with a view to proposing an improved legal framework.”


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