Critical Dutch parliament resolution on investor – state dispute settlement

Yesterday the Dutch Parliament (Tweede Kamer) adopted a resolution critical of investor – state dispute settlement (Dutch, pdf). Google translation. My translation:

Presented November 28, 2013

The House,

heard the deliberations,

noting that investor – state dispute settlement (ISDS), or arbitration under an investment treaty, may be part of the trade agreement between the United States and the European Union;

takes the view that inclusion of ISDS in the trade agreement has a number of undesirable consequences, including providing companies operating internationally the possibility to bypass the national justice system;

requests the government to investigate, in the short term, the potential social and environmental risks and the consequences of ISDS for the Netherlands and the financial risks for the Dutch government, and to inform the House about the results of this research;

requests the Government as well, to act in a European context, in order to deal with undesirable effects of the agreement,

and proceeds to the order of the day.

Van Ojik
Jan Vos
Jasper van Dijk

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