European consumers can stand the truth

Some European consumers are concerned about the transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), others are not. The EU negotiates it on our behalf with the US. As a consumer association FFII took a critical stance towards TTIP early on, like an expert who explains you whether a used car you might consider to buy has defects. We now have a vital and broad public debate where at times criticism is over the top and very badly informed. The same applies towards the voices of proponents. Our statutory goal is to get towards better informed debates.

What we need is a well-informed and pluralistic democratic debate. In a democracy there is no place for government propaganda. But exactly that is what the European Commission invested public funds in. Here are examples of their retail arguments:

Whether European consumers want chlorinated chicken or genetically modified crops is for them to decide. Our political leaders are free to agree to open up the single market for these US imports as part of the negotiations on a broader trade package. But they cannot deny the mere fact that the US Trade Authorities continue to pursue these legitimate interests of American exporters in trade talks with the EU.

Because what the videos describes as pure fantasy is factually correct. Citizens are not little children. It does not suit our dignity to be misinformed or patronized. After all we might even conclude that meat chlorination or genetically modified crops were good for us.

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