German Bundestag challenges European software patenting

Berlin, 18 April 2013 — A cross-partisan Deutsche Bundestag resolution on software patenting received its plenary first reading. The resolution asks for changes to the controversial granting of software patents by patent institutions. The resolution follows up on an earlier resolution from 2005 and sents a forceful German message to Commissioner Michel Barnier. Brussels is asked to take action on a clarification concerning the overlap of software copyright with patent law. The Bundestag which unlike the European Parliament enjoys a right of legislative initiative threatens to take national action.

“Copyright protection is the right tool for a software business”, says FFII vice president Rene Mages. “It is high time that the dangerous and unacceptable legal drift regarding software protection by overlapping patents gets stopped. We at FFII feel greatly encouraged by the German call to Brussels.”

Now the ball is in the court of the responsible Bundestag committees to further examine and sharpen the resolution demands.



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