Global Europe – European Parliament vs. De Gucht

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is adopted under the so called “Global Europe” strategy of the European Commission. In its resolution of 22 May 2007 on Global Europe – external aspects of competitiveness the European Parliament demanded with regard to intellectual property rights:

60. Stresses that European IPR policy towards developing countries should not go beyond TRIPs Agreement obligations, but that it should instead encourage the use of TRIPs flexibilities;

That contradicts the presentation of ACTA as an “advanced standard” over TRIPS, as consistently argued by the Commission. Commissioner Karel de Gucht, for instance, told the European Parliament plenary (10 Sept 2010):

What we are aiming at is simply setting an international standard in IPR enforcement that is reasonable, balanced and effective, and thus goes beyond the current WTO rules on IPR: the TRIPS agreement. This is the ultimate objective, on which I am sure we all agree.

In its resolution on Global Europe the European Parliament also invited

…the Commission and the Member States to better inform European citizens on all aspects of globalisation and the concrete benefits resulting from the EU’s participation in the international trading system;

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