OpenTechSummit 2015 in Berlin a Fantastic Success

The OpenTechSummit 2015 took place for the first time in Berlin on May 14, 2015 with the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure as a core partner and supporter. With more than 700 attendees – from policy makers, developers, start-ups, to contributors – and over 70 speakers the event was a huge success. A wonderful atmosphere came up through the participation of lots of kids in the hacking area and in the workshops.


Topics at the OpenTechSummit range from future technologies, open hardware, encyclopedias, open data and free knowledge, software development, community networks and digital policies. The FFII was the main responsible for the track “Internet, Society and Patents”. The track covers policy topics ranging from patents, copyright, net neutrality, privacy issues, digital culture and Internet policies.


The goal of the OpenTechSummit is to offer participants a platform to learn about future technologies and meet leading Open Source experts and policy makers who share their insights, ideas and success stories. The OpenTechSummit is run as a non-profit event in cooperation with the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure, which is also funding parts of the event. Other partners are the Förderverein Freie Netze e.V. and the Linuxtag e.V. Regular OpenTech Meetups take place in Berlin and around the world. The first OpenTechSummit was held in Taiwan 2009. The organization team brings together Monic Meisel (Freifunk), André Rebentisch (FFII e.V.) and Mario Behling (FashionTec/OpenXlab Berlin).



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