FFII e.V. participating at Linuxtag, Solutions Linux and OpenFest Greece

2010-06-12 Workshop about current developments in software patents and open standards at LinuxTag 2010 in Berlin. 2010-03-16/17/18 Booth of FFII France at “Solutions Linux / Open Source 2010” in Paris, France. 2010-03-13 Speech about “Dangers from software patents in Europe” by Antonis Christofides at OpenFest 2010 in Piraeus, Greece.  

FFII e.V. at events 2009

2009-12-16 2nd meeting of the CENATIC Advisory Council with the participation as member of Alberto Barrionuevo representing FFII. 2009-12-04 to 13 (possible) meeting with the informatization board of the Cuban Ministry of Communications and Informatics, La Habana, Cuba, by Alberto Barrionuevo. 2009-12-01 to 03 participation to be defined of several FFII Spain Members in the Open Source World Conference 2009 at Caceres (Spain). 2009-11-05 Meeting with responsibles for Internet and Open Source and Open Standards of the Spanish Ministry of Industry with the participation of Alberto Barrionuevo representing FFII. 2009-09-24 (World day against software patents 2009), Alberto Barrionuevo defends his master thesis in the Politechnic University of Madrid.

“SMEs, software, copyright and patents” event co-hosted by the EPO and the FFII on May 24th

Brussels, 20 May 2005. The FFII in conjunction with the European Patent Office (EPO) is pleased to announce it is co-hosting a new conference on EU software patent policy entitled “SMEs, software, copyright and patents” to be held on Tuesday May 24th. Exploring the experiences and expectations of SMEs with regard to patents on computer-implemented innovations, the event will consist of two panels of involved SMEs together with representatives of the EPO discussing this vital issue. Jonas Maebe, Board Member of the FFII, said:

By holding its first ever Information Day in the European Parliament earlier this year, the European Patent Office clearly demonstrated its willingness to openly present and discuss its policy goals and views. They are continuing this trend by organising, together with the FFII, an event where stakeholders will talk about how they make their business profitable, what they desire from the patent system and what experiences they have had.